Victoria Range

Victoria Boards Profile

Thanks to the new dynamic “M” design on its underside, our Victoria board uses less composite material, making the board lighter and more economic. Just like wood, our composite deck boards look and feel incredibly natural with a consistent colour and texture. As well as being environmentally friendly, Rinato Victoria is virtually maintenance free, it is incredibly durable and will remain so for years to come, and thanks to its composite properties, it is suitable for a variety of outdoor uses.

Rinato Victoria comes with a 25 year UK backed warranty

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Available in…

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Rinato Victoria (M) board - Teak
Rinato Victoria (M) board - Redwood
Rinato Victoria (M) board - Grey
Rinato Victoria (M) board - Ebony


Starter clips are used to start a run of deck boards, we recommend 10 starter clips per perimeter/starter board.  These are supplied in packs of 1n0 with screws. Plastic double clips will give a 7mm gap between deck boards. These are supplied in packs of 100 with screws and we recommend 12 double clips per board length.

Rinato Decking Single Clip Fixing


Rinato Decking Double Clip Fixing



Screwdriver bit

50mm long T15 Torx head screwdriver bit.

Rinato Decking - Tool Bit


Deck board measurements

thickness 23mm | width 135mm | length 3000mm

2.25 boards per square metre

Weight: 3.6 kg per linear metre (+/- 0.05%)
Temperature range: -50C to +60C
Maximum span: 400mm centres


For peace of mind, Rinato Victoria deck boards are supplied with a 25 year UK based warranty.