Polymer Range

Experience the beauty of wood with the benefits of polymer. This stunning high-quality product available in 2 stylish colours with a decorative wood effect laminate wrap offers a long-lasting, low maintenance board, perfect for use as privacy gate infills or fence panels. Alternatively, there is a brown utility board which is perfect for equestrian use such as loose boxes and fences where aesthetics are not a requirement. With their UV resistance, these boards are manufactured to look good and last for years.

We have also created a unique channel system to allow Rinato boards to be discretely fitted to almost any post. Our exclusive aluminium extrusions allow for the slight natural expansion of the polymer. We have also designed an aluminium post that can work perfectly in conjunction with our extruded channel.

Rinato fence and gate panels require no special fixing kits. The panels can be shaped to a specific design, slotted together and framed to suit either gates or fences.

Please note: When designing gates and fencing using polymer boards, it is important to allow for a slight expansion of the boards at each end.

Installation temperature 0°C 5°C 10°C 15°C 20°C 25°C 30°C 35°C 40°C 45°C 50°C
Expansion per 1m 5.0mm 4.5mm 4.0mm 3.5mm 3.0mm 2.0mm 1.5mm 1.0mm 1.0mm  0.5mm  0.0mm

When fixing the fence board oversized holes should be pre-drilled for fixings. This will allow for expansion and contraction.

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Board measurements

Thickness 28mm | width 138mm | length 1800mm

Thickness 28mm | width 138mm | length 3600mm

2.48 boards per square metre