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Wood Plastic Composite Decking Tiles

With our range of WPC composite decking tiles, there is a style, colour and price to suit everyone. They are available in a range of styles, colours and prices, to suit every budget or type of application.

Our boards are easy to install, look fantastic and are as easy to work like wood and are recyclable. Our dual-faced boards have a traditional grooved effect on one side and wood grain on the other for maximum flexibility.

In the contemporary era of environmental consciousness, the quest for sustainable solutions in every aspect of our lives has become paramount. One such progressive stride has been made in the realm of decking and fencing. Traditionally, these areas have been dominated by the use of wood, but the tides are turning with the advent of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) solutions, such as those offered by Rinato.

Rinato: Pioneers in Sustainable Decking and Fencing

Located in Rainham, Essex, Rinato is a company that specialises in providing sustainable decking and fencing solutions. They are at the forefront of a transformative movement in the industry, replacing wood-based products with eco-friendly ones. Their latest product, a new range of decking boards, have not only been welcomed by tradesmen and homeowners alike but have also made quite an impression.

Our range of deck boards has just got bigger!

With 4 types to choose from, there is a style, colour and price to suit everyone. As well as being environmentally friendly, all our decking is virtually maintenance-free, offering the perfect decking solution for any domestic or commercial application.

With our range of deck boards there is a style, colour, and price to suit everyone. These polymer deck boards are easy to install and look fantastic. As well as being environmentally friendly, all our boards are maintenance-free, incredibly durable and will remain so for years to come.

Our Natural, Victoria, Classic & Heritage decking options are designed to mimic the traditional look and feel of wood.

  • NATURAL – Features a 360-degree wrap-around polymer Capstock shield that encapsulates the board and gives it year-round protection against the elements and is suitable for a variety of outdoor uses. Available in 3 colours and with an enhanced natural woodgrain effect on one side and traditional flat sanded affect on the other.
  • VICTORIA – Uses less composite material thanks to the ‘M’ design on the underside, making the board lighter and more economic, the perfect cost-friendly choice for every garden, balcony, or patio. Available in 4 colours, boards are single-sided with a choice of natural wood grain effect or a traditional grooved effect across all the colours.
  • CLASSIC – With a choice of 4 colours these solid core deck boards have an enhanced natural wood grain effect on one side and a traditional grooved effect other. These solid deck boards are great for areas of high footfall or weight, such as under a hot tub or any commercial application.
  • HERITAGE – Boards are supplied double-sided with a solid core. It is incredibly durable and will remain so for years to come, and thanks to its composite properties, it is suitable for a variety of outdoor uses. Available in 3 colour

WPC composite decking

Our products have excellent UV resistance and will not rot or splinter, they are anti-slip and flammability tested and offer workability similar to wood.

Designed Using Recycled Materials

Our range of WPC composite decking boards have been designed with the user in mind and because they are made from recycled materials, they offer a cheaper alternative to other wooden boards and artificial materials.

The durable nature of our decking options ensures that you will not have to waste your time re-varnishing, re-sealing and repairing your decking area on a regular basis.

Designed to suit all outdoor areas, the anti-slip properties of our WPC composite decking ensures suitability for pool and waterside areas.

Virtually Maintenance Free

As well as being environmentally friendly, all our decking is virtually maintenance-free, and thanks to its composite properties, it is incredibly durable and suitable for a variety of outdoor uses.

We are satisfied Rinato deck boards are some of the best available on the market and just to prove it, all our products are covered by the UK backed 25-year warranty.

Experience the look of wood without the hassle. Request your free sample pack today!

We are committed to providing our customers with environmentally friendly decking solutions and as such, we supply an extensive range of non-toxic, fully recyclable wood-alternative WPC & Polymer decking boards.

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