Rinato delivers a variety of decking and fencing boards that cater to all styles, colours, and budgets. These boards, made from composite and polymer materials, aren’t just easy to install; they also boast a fantastic aesthetic appeal. The FSC® certified composite boards, composed of 60% recycled wood and 40% plastics, provide a more environmentally friendly choice for your garden. They replicate the natural look and feel of wood while maintaining a consistent colour and texture.

The Distinct Styles of Rinato Deck Boards

Rinato’s deck boards, designed to emulate traditional aged wood, are not only environmentally friendly but also virtually maintenance-free. They’re incredibly resilient and promise to stay in excellent condition for years to come. These boards come in three fantastic styles, each with a price to suit any budget:

  1. Natural: This style features a 360-degree wraparound polymer Capstock shield that encapsulates the board, providing year-round protection against the elements—ideal for domestic applications.
  2. Victoria: The Victoria style features a new dynamic “M” design on its underside, making it lighter and more economical.
  3. Classic: With a standard woodgrain finish, the Classic style is particularly suitable for areas with high footfall or weight.

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Rinato’s High-Quality Fencing Boards

Rinato’s fencing boards, available in either composite or polymer, are both low maintenance and long-lasting, making them perfect for use as privacy gates. They’re UV resistant, and their solid construction—with no wood content—means they won’t absorb water and can deflect unwanted noise outside the perimeter of your property. These boards are often used alongside busy roads and railway tracks.

A unique standard post and channel system has been created to help you install the boards. This system allows you to screw the H and U channels to most types of posts and walls. The black gloss aluminium sections accommodate the slight natural expansion of the polymer and provide a discreet framing solution for the boards.

The Acoustic Polymer Fence and Gate Boards

The acoustic polymer fence and gate boards are available in two ranges, two lengths, and a choice of seven great colours:

  • Wrapped Range: These polymer boards are wrapped in a decorative wood effect laminate and are available in three colours. The range provides a stunning high-quality solution for fences where aesthetics are essential.
  • Embossed Range: This new range of boards is available in four colours and is a more cost-effective solution than the Wrapped Range. It has a realistic heat embossed woodgrain finish and is ideal for long runs of fencing that aren’t in a prominent location or where aesthetics are less important.

Rinato’s double-sided composite boards are smooth on one side and have an enhanced woodgrain on the other. They’re available in four colours and are manufactured from recycled, eco-friendly FSC ® certified wood.

Just like the decking, all of Rinato’s boards are maintenance-free, incredibly durable, and will stay that way for years to come.

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